Thursday, September 29, 2011

Thursday's Tip {Office Closet - Before & After}

Remember my working with small places post?

Ok, so when our office turned into our nursery.. everything got stashed into our 3rd bedroom. I finally decided to post the end results.. It has been done for quite some time now but I have been lazy about taking pics and getting it all posted. So I didn't want to spend hardly any money on doing this little project so I just used what I had from the previous room.



 I did buy the three tin buckets, but they were worth it for organizing purposes!
oh and the stiletto tape dispenser, b/c i couldn't pass it up.

This room has never been painted and it's theme has been the BLACK & WHITE room.. I knew it would be out of the question to even ask Ty to paint the walls inside the closet since it wouldn't look good to potential buyers in the future.. so I decided to use the old curtains from the previous office room..

I just used some tacs to pin up the 1st panel for the back wall & with the 2nd panel I cut it straight down the middle & used Alleene's Stop Fraying like I did in this post  so i made it the backdrop on the back wall & did side curtains.. The side curtains were super nice b/c it let me hide all of the excess crap in the boxes :)


 oh & when I put the curtains in the closet I made sure the cut side was facing the wall and not the inside.

If you want to try this and curious how much fabric you will need for the back wall.. 2 yards would have worked for my back wall piece.. it didn't reach completely side to side so you will still need side curtains. But you could at least switch it up and create your own fabric design/color combo!


  1. I am totalling loving the closet office!  Just have to figure out what to do with all the stuff in the closet!

  2. i know what you mean!! It is so hard de-cleansing a closet! 

  3. Looks so elegant!!


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