Wednesday, September 28, 2011

Wednesday's Fun Find {My Car Phone}

so like a month ago i pinned this on pinterest.... then my "nonblood aunt" Cathy told me she saw them at Stein Mart in Memphis.... soooo i made a call to my sweet little mother and asked her if she would look for it for me.. and sure enough she shipped it to me within that week! It is most likely my favorite fun find! 
I use it 90% of the time in the car.

1. My cell phone seems to be ALWAYS dead or dying so it's quite impossible to talk on my cell phone when it is charging. 
2. It is much more comfortable resting your head on the phone rather than the cell phone.. it has a quick little button on the inside of the phone that you can just click to answer and hang up phone calls.

well today I was running a lot of errands and happened to be on the phone majority of the time... and I got quite the reactions from the guy in the McDonalds drive through and the lady at the receptionist desk. 
My sister still makes fun of me for using it, but i have come to LOVE it!

ok so i might be a little crazy

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  1. Are you serious?  That is so funny and I'm with your sister on this one!


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