Wednesday, September 14, 2011

Wednesday's Fun Find {Pillow Mist}

is suppose to be a pillow spritz to help you sleep better.

Me & Ty got this stuff at Bath & Body Works last Friday night & have used it every night since.

I have even used it on Lexi's bedding. (it's baby safe)

It smells a lot like her bath time soap the purple bottle lavender stuff.. 

anyways, my honest opinion is I'm not sure that it works.. tyson swears he sleeps better
(i think he just really likes the smell :) )

It hasn't cured my "pillow thoughts" so I figured it doesn't help me all that much... however, last night i did fall asleep faster than the other two. I think it depends how tired you are?! 
Lexi has been having a super runny nose & hasn't felt all to amazing from it and I just went and sprayed it on my shirt & her bear & blanket and then rocked her with her face on my chest and she was sound asleep in no time. 

I definitely would try this for the little ones to help soothe them! 
it would make for an awesome baby shower gift :)


  1. I struggle with "pillow thoughts" too!  Ugh they are so annoying. Ever since I had Ashlyn I hardly ever get a good night's sleep, even though she hasn't gotten up in the middle of the night since she was 4 months.  I wake up at like 3 or 4 and just can't go to sleep for at least an hour. Its like I over stress about stuff that wouldn't normally bother me.  I am going to try the sleep mist. Thanks for sharing.

  2.  haha i'm glad i'm not the only one!!


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