Saturday, October 15, 2011

Don't Forget - Finger -DIY Halloween Invitation

Don't Forget
a Halloween invitation

it's kinda like a "save the date" invitation but a Halloween version.

ok so before we get started on the whole tutorial on how EASY & CHEAP this baby is...
i have a funny story for you.
ok so two nights ago I was all pumped and excited to get these "book invites" put together.. so I decided to try one out.. lex was down for the night and ty was watching tv downstairs with me and I was majority done. I was sitting on the floor with the finished book about to wrap it and i was focusing on something else so when i look back down to start wrapping, I'm like WHAT THE CRAP??? WHERE DID THE FINGER GO???  ty is layin on the couch and looks down and we both look for Diggy.. he is MIA.. and I just heard the doggy door close seconds earlier that I was now putting together.. YES diggy some how, (?still confused how he did it without me or ty noticing?) stole the hot-glued hot dog/finger, ribbon and all... right out of the book.  The first image was taken minutes before i noticed it had disappeared. I then yelled for Diggy and he came back in all hunched down.. when he's guilty there is no hiding it!  He has ate/pooped out much worse things in the past but all we could do was laugh about it.. so needless to say i just cut out the centers of each book that night and left the rest for the next day.
  • Antique Books - Thrift Store -spent $1 each
  • Spanish Moss (1 bag) - Dollar Store
  • Hemp Yarn - Wal-Mart
  • Hot Dog - Grocery Store
  • Shell Noodles - Grocery Store
  • Hot Glue Gun/ Glue Sticks - Craft Store
  • Brown Roll of Paper (1 roll)- Dollar Store in the school section
  • x-acto Knife
  • Printer to print tags on 
  • Lighter 
  • Scissors
You can totally use what you already have at home b/c the only thing I had to buy were the 3 Antique Books ($3), Brown Roll of Paper to wrap ($1), Spanish Moss ($1)

so a total of $5 on the coolest invitations I have ever made!
i only made the book invitations for the people who live in town.. we have other friends who are coming that are not near by so I sent out digital invites for the rest... so not paying shipping and handling saved me some mullah.. I just hand delivered them on their steps.. no ringing the door just dropped it off like a little package.
I just printed out all the information i needed and burnt the edges to make it look more old.. i also did this to one of the books that looked newer.
I put the whole hot dogs in the microwave then cut them afterwards.. i think i put them in for around 40 seconds? you just have to watch it as they are cooking because they will start to bust open.

so i just kinda cut the fingers around the length of mine and i made sure they fit in the holes that i made in the book. I just squirted ketchup onto the cut off finger nail bed 
and used an extra hot dog tip to smooth it around. 
i really liked the way my hot dog looked from the previous night so you might wanna play around with a package and see how you like the coloring.. you can also get a candle flame to it and see if you can get it burned.. i tried with lighter but it hardly singed it...
for the nail I looked around my pantry to see what items i already had that could work and i found these noodles and i went from there. i used a knife to cut down on the noodle so it broke where i needed..  you might have to cut the in side edge of the noodle too.
(use your sharpest knife)
(i just used a knife to cut the knuckle indentions)
ok, so this is when i started to whip out the hot glue gun..  
I didn't want to over power the finger so i just got a pinch of the moss and glued some down on the bottom left & right hand side.
I used some hemp string/yarn to tie the knot on the finger.. 
this is the part where the "don't forget" comes into play.
so i hot glued the back side of the hot dogs down onto the book
i also put them in the freezer thinking it would dry the ketchup faster.. i dont think it did but it did make the hot dogs look all weird.. not sure which look i preferred better but i figured they would be thawed again by the time they were opened...

i sealed all the books up with the hemp string
and then wrapped them in the brown paper and then repeated the same deal with the string
and walahhh you are ready for delivery!!
  1. microwave the hot dogs for around 40 seconds? i think it totally changes the "look" the more hot dogs you microwave at once.. so this one might be trial and error.
  2. I had three different books from DI and one (the blue one) the pages were really old which i liked.. but it made it a little harder to use the x-acto knife on with out ripping pages.. so you just have to be more careful on older books. 
  3. by the way, this was sooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooo fun to make


  1. That is so intense! A great idea, just pinned for next year! Thanks for sharing!

  2. ewww...creepy!! These are great! Pinned!

  3. so glad you liked! :)

  4. I am totally borrowing this idea for next years invites! So cute! You are a Genius! 

  5.  thanks for the sweet comment and for following! I appreciate it!

  6. Oh my gosh, you are amazing!!! These are some awesome invitations--you go girl!!  The hot dog thing might gross me out a little :)  Love your blog, just became a follower!


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