Friday, October 14, 2011

Friday's Film {Love the way you Hold Me}

Who doesn't love cute little love songs?? Well im lovin this one!

Have a super fun weekend! I have a pretty exciting little project I am going to share with you next week! That was/is VERY fun to work on!!....

If you like getting updates on this blog and need little reminders.. I found a new way on the new facebook where on the left hand side you can make you own "Lists" of mini feeds... Facebook automatically did 3 categories Close Friends, Family, and my High School... not sure if that is what it did for everyone else?? But, I went in and made one for all the Facebook Pages/Blogs I wanted to follow... so I can get easy updates...

SOOOO back to the point.. if you want an update 'like' Pillow Thought on fb & add Pillow Thought to your list!

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