Saturday, October 1, 2011

Halloween Ep. 5 {Halloween Flashback}

Since I spaced doing a Halloween post on Thursday I figured I would make it up to yall and do one today. I am going to share a few pictures from past Halloween parties we have had... I might do another one of these because I have more to share!

Halloween Drinking Glasses
print off labels & use glue dots to attach to glasses
(if you would like labels like these let me know and I can maybe post some)

Halloween Cupcake Ideas
ok so mine are pretty messy.. my sister normally does the cupcake designs.. but she wasn't there that year!

Monster Toes:
nutter butters, green frosting, black licorice dots cut in half, crunched up oreos.

Diggy's past costumes
this was actually for one of Tyson's birthdays we did a Luah themed Party... and I didn't leave out Diggy

This was when me & ty were Burger King & Dairy Queen
last year Diggy got lucky because he was already in character being a yorkie..

One year we had a Pirate Party, once again we all split up the different menu items.
Photobucket skeleton ice punch with dry ice
we figured shrimp & chicken wings were suitable for the Pirate theme
you can buy these little squishy balls at the Dollar Store and just dye the water..  it kinda looks like brain embalming juice.

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  1. Love these ideas Lindsey! They look pretty "sick" if ya know what I mean. :)ha!


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