Thursday, October 20, 2011

Halloween Ep. 9 {My Hallowen Decor Black & Silver}

OK so i was being a HUGE procrastinator on getting my Halloween out.. mainly because it's below our house so i had to wait for Ty to want to go down and bring them back up & b/c i was kinda liking our new/kinda newly decorated house and I didn't wanna throw in gaudy Halloween decor with oranges and purples. ha Sooooo I decided to spray paint just about everything! Well everything that was orange and that needed it! So I bought black & metallic silver and went to town.. 
So everything you see that is silver in this post was originally another color... I am amazed how much cuter everything seems to be & it made me feel like I had whole new Halloween decorations!!
Somehow we manage to have more Halloween Decor than Christmas decor.. 
probably because we/i try and not be here on Christmas.. its mostly spent with my family somewhere else.
label found here

 those little pumpkins were from the Dollar Store..
 for some reason we had a big collections of the styrofoam skeletons.. some came with our outdoor stuff but they were all spray painted and made into a collection
 I used the same idea from my c-i-l post... and made some cute little books... just spray painted 
I bought 3 packages of silver glitter alphabet stickers at Wal-Mart for 99cents each
 silver platter also from Dollar Store

 i bought this black slime from the Dollar Store.. its in the kids toys section
 thrifted old bottles & labels from here & here
 copied this from the c-i-l as well :)
 Black Glitter pumpkins from Dollar Section at Target for $2.50... 
silver (spray painted) pumpkins/gourds from the grocery store in the vegatables & fruit section.
 headstones, Dollar Store.. spray painted black.  
actually with chalkboard spray paint.. no reason other than laziness for using the chalkboard kind

 free printable from here

 i also spray painted our outside orange pumpkin black.. and did glitter spray paint on top of that.


  1. haha i know it would be so fun to live by each other!!

  2. Oh my! Over the top Halloween decor. Love it all!

  3. Well my crafty friend,you have me beat!!! Wish I could find time in the day to steal all of your awesome ideas or I wish we lived closer to each other so we could make them together :)

  4. thanks Leida! I appreciate the blog love!

  5. I love your blog. You always come up with such cute and interesting ideas. Keep them coming!


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