Sunday, October 2, 2011

{M.M.T.} 101 Things to do with your Toddler

I saw this last night on Pinterest.. and as I went through these I am going to make some of these my goal for this week. Just some quality time with me & lex!

I didn't pick up the camera at all this weekend and hardly throughout the week. Saturday evening I ended up getting sick.. like 4 times.. felt like the worse thing ever.. hot & cold flashes and trips to the bathroom!! Luckily it was gone Sunday when I woke up just a little uneasiness throughout the day. Ty had the same thing last Tuesday night.. it's weird I caught like the exact same thing 4-5 days later?? Oh well, just glad it didn't linger!

Here's some of my goals from this list for the week:
1. Color
it's time to break out the Crayola's & coloring book! Except I have to go buy a coloring book because I'm pretty sure we don't have any.. I think she is finally able to atleast attempt it and I think it will be something new and fun for her & me.

2. Play with play-dough
I am a bit of a neat freak on what I let lex get herself into.. so i'm pretty sure this will be an interesting one to attempt. But I figured it might be healthy for us both.. and I can finally use some play-dough one of our friends bought her for her 1st birthday present.

3. Act out a story from a book
haha I'm sure she will get some entertainment out of this one :)

4. Blow Bubbles

5. Roll a tennis ball into an empty trash can or bucket
seems simple enough, but i bet she will like it!


  1. I'm sorry you were sick!!!! Ugh, that's the worst. I would have brought you soup or something :) Hint on Play dough, sit next to her, but put her in her high chair... That's where we always played with it, then she's not running around and leaving it everywhere. 

  2. thanks for getting the play-dough for us ash :) and the tips! 


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