Sunday, October 30, 2011

Mondays Recap {losing it}

Ok so i seem to be losing my mind lately... First I lost $50, then it was Lexi's silver toms, then it was Lexi's one brown boot, then it was my license, then it was my cell phone... (all in the past two weeks) ALL of these went missing for more than a day or 4 days.. well almost except for the cell phone (luckily less than 24 hours).. AND Tyson found every single one except for the 50 bucks.. i think that one is LONG GONE!! Seriously though I think i might be losing it because I search everywhere and don't have a bit of clue where I could have placed these things.. I blame it on being too consumed with too many things at once!

Anyways after our Halloween party I went looking for my cell phone. Could not find that thing anywhere!! The last time I remember using it was right before the party I was sending my mom pic messages of lex in her costume.. so we ended up going to bed and I woke up and looked everywhere.. seriously everywhere behind the fridge, washer & drier, etc.. So when ty woke up he started looking too.. no luck so I was like you took the trash out last night didn't you? He was like ya... but i think its still in the garage.. lex doesnt really throw things away maybe once or twice.. but by no means a regular thing. So we kinda just let it go then ty goes out to the garage and comes back in and hands me my cell phone all messy!! Soooo glad he didnt take our trash out to the dumpster last night!!

ok so i totally was not good about taking pics of everything once people got there... we had such yummy food though!! Here's a peak incase anyone still needs ideas for tonight!

fun way to label party drinks: spray the bottle with chalkboard paint & have some chalk

mummy juice boxes for the little ones

Ashley made some amazing chicken tortilla soup

Rebecca made some scary forked eyeballs.. sooo sad I did not make more time to take a good picture of these babies! (They are donut balls, or you could use cake balls)

and Jenna made some yummy finger sandwiches.. literally

this is my attempt on eye ball ice cubes.. I used cherrys that come in the jar without the stem and bought a bag of frozen blue berries.. cut a little center spot in the cherry and shove the smaller sized blueberries in. Put the two face down in the mini muffin tray. Be careful when you move to the freezer because it will move your placement and it looks best when the blueberry part faces down towards the tray.

Happy Halloween!!

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  1. SO STINKING CUTE! i just love every little bit of this. you are amazing. 


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