Monday, October 10, 2011

Mondays Recap {Weekend Getaway}

Thursday we left for a nice long weekend getaway! Luckily Ty doesn't have classes on Friday so it works out nice for our weekend! It ended up snowing the morning we left and got really bad for an hour then turned into rain the further south we drove.. it kinda made me scared that fall wasn't coming back because it definitely felt like winter real fast!! Luckily the snow is gone, but the temperatures has definitely dropped!

let's just say I could live in Park City.. it is gorgeous up there!

and we might have found our most favorite bathroom... definitely in the future home file, (the bathtub was behind me)  We were also able to see a little show at Olympic Park.. that was pretty sweet! 

We had a 3 1/2 hour road trip, 
which is always a little longer with a little one in the back seat.. 
she didn't sleep a ton on the way down but slept majority of the time on the way back.. 
I have officially watched Lion King about 5x now.. 

we FINALLY got her moved into a big girl seat.. she is now 15 months old to the day and she was miss little houdini finding her way out of her other car seat. so we figured it was about time! She still doesn't hit 20 lbs.. just shy of it.. i contemplated foreverrrr on how I was going to do the whole carseat thing. Forward, rear, style, brand, safety reviews, look, recline or not to recline... let me tell you finding a carseat shouldn't be such an ordeal but it was.. luckily I had some nice reviews and help from friends and it helped solidify the deal! So yes she is forward facing and yes I am aware of the whole new law/recommendation thing.. but since I figured I was getting a pretty sturdy carseat I thought it would be ok to do forward facing.. plus I'm hoping her tantrums will start to fade and she will realize she is not in fact, Houdini and stop fighting the straps.
we will see.


  1. *Stockton, I do know how to spell my child's name.  I'm sure I have other typos but I'm laying down, lazy, and sick right now.  ps-I haven't forgot about the pics either things have just been not good here with everyone being sick.

  2. Srockton has been in his forward facing seat forever now, he his super large though.  But I never faced him back because the doctor told me that he feels like it's safer for him and I if he is front facing, that way if he needs something or is crying, etc...I can see him and talk to him and try to help him.  However...just a warning I did have someone go off on me about front facing my opinion's your child and you do what you want!

  3. looks so incredibly gorgeous!  wow.  and seriously, those huge walk in showers rock.  hubs and i had one at our honeymoon resort.  we still goo and gaa over the memory of it.

    found your cute blog via spencer and kylie.  


  4. so glad you found my blog! thanks even more for leaving me a comment :) 

  5. i know! sad that they all got sick! Sounds like yall had fun though i'm jealous I couldn't be with all of you! 

  6. So glad u decided on a car seat! It's crazy how many options there are, it took me forever to decide on one too. I can't believe she doesnt weigh twenty pounds yet, just a little nugget! I love park city too, so pretty!


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