Wednesday, October 19, 2011

Wednesday's Fun Find {Fabric Flowers}

Today is one of those days you get in the bath... and then get back into your pj's.. i am going to try and relax from yesterday.. i felt like i was constantly going and accomplished two photo sessions.. somehow i managed to do 4 sessions in a week when most of the time i try to just do 4 session in 1-2 months time.. i don't like to overwhelm myself in fear of getting sick of what i do.. but luckily i'm excited about each session or I wouldn't have taken it on! 

I'm loving these today, i am missing my sister right about now b/c I would be putting her to work!.. i just made some of the basic carnations two days ago but i'm loving these colors!! I might have to go pick up some similar fabric because these are super easy to do yourself! ok apparently i couldnt find  tutorial on how to make this style.. so i might just have to do a follow up tutorial myself if yall are interested

They have so many uses too... my favorite is for Lexi's bows but they can be package toppers, broaches on shirts, garland (as seen in picture below), accents on wreaths, etc....

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