Wednesday, November 23, 2011

I am...

I am because.....
I saw this from here and thought it seemed like a fun post! If you haven't been able to tell already, things are going a little different this week. Simply because i want to post whatever I feel, exactly when i feel it this week since it is like a vacay week for most. And you can get to know me a little better?!
Don't be afraid to comment, I'd love to hear from each of you who drop by.

I am weird because...
I almost always drink out of a straw, even at home.
I apparently always slurp my spoon while eating my cereal (ty seems to notice this every time without fail)
It takes me a while to be myself around people.
I hardly ever wash my face before I go to bed.
I will find out the ending to suspenseful or scary movies before I watch them.
I always hit the dryer on a few time before I am ready to fold so I don't have to iron.
I will not watch/read anything remotely scary or makes me feel yucky before bed. (so i don't dwell on all the possibilities of bad things happening)
I don't like feeding lex super messy food unless I know she's getting in the bath right after. 
I have no motivation to be the perfect housewife and cook good meals and always have the house spotless.

Dishes?, nah!

I am a bad friend because...
I have forgotten a really important friends birthday twice. (not in a row)
I get side tracked on getting favors done.
I sometimes pick spending time with my husband over girls nights. (i'm getting better since we have been married for almost 6 years)

I am a good friend because...
I would do anything for any of my best friends at any moment.
I'm not flaky. (pet peeve)
I don't forget bonds we've made and try to keep them alive.
I cherish good friendship.

I am sad because...
I live so far away from family.
I live in cold snowy weather.
I feel I don't have enough room to put crap away.
I don't live in a city to have every kind of shopping & food place right by.

I am happy because...
I have the gospel of Jesus Christ in my life.
God blessed me with the ability to capture our life through photographs.
It's the holidays and the Christmas spirit is about to start!
I have my husband and baby girl to come home to.

I get excited about...
Spending time with family.
Planning parties.
Social gatherings with friends.
Having a Dr. Pepper & some candy.
Anything Chinese themed.
Themed photo shoots.
Date nights, even if its the three of us.
When ty does something for me unexpected.
Anything new lexi discovers she can do.. i have proud mommy moments on just about every little thing.

if you make one of these share the link in the comment section so I can read!


  1. First time visitor to your blog via Casey's blog! Super cute! your little girl is precious :o) I did one too.

  2. hello from the follow fest! i just love love your blog

    Keri-Anne xxxxxxx

  3. Thanks Keri-Anne! :)

  4. Linds, seriously it is not a big deal at all.  You need to forgive yourself because I didn't even think twice about it.  You have been such a good friend all of these years. I know you care about me.  Love you tons! I am lucky to have you in my life.

  5. I will leave a comment! I love your blog and think you do such cute things!

  6. thanks abbie! :)


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