Monday, November 28, 2011

Monday Morning Thought/ evening.......

The Christmas Song by Mindy Gledhill on Grooveshark

Well, we finally put Christmas out.. some of it atleast. We do not have tons other than garland, tree, and a wreath. Sad.. we'll see what else I'll scrounge up this week to decorate with! Me & Lex made a trip to the doctor this afternoon... she has bronchitis. She is coughing up a lung in the middle of her sleep as I write.. so sad to hear and watch on the monitor! It sounds horrible and she seems so uncomfortable.. During the day she seems like her normal self for the most part.. her cough attacks seem to get worse when she is eating or sleeping. They gave her some medicine so I am hoping it starts to kick in these next couple of days! I sometimes think its impossible to not get sick over the holidays being around all the family?! Anyone else ever notice that?


  1. Trey started getting sick last night......ugh!!!!

  2. sad! i think tys grandma gave it to lex?! i didn't really hold back on letting her be around her... hope Trey gets feeling better!!

  3. We always catch a bug around the holidays. We all were sneezing and coughing the whole Thanksgiving. Ugh.  Your tree looks good.


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