Thursday, November 10, 2011

Thursday's Tip {Thanksgiving Touches}

Ok Thanksgiving is obviously known to be the holiday for two things...
  1. Eating a ridiculous amount of food
  2. Being Thankful

Sooooo i bring you both today!! 
Hope you enjoy, because I thought these two were pretty darn cute!! 

1.  Honeyed Pears in Puff Pastery
go to to see how they made these babies!!

2. Thankful Printables.. just click here to grab them!

"Each strip has an empty space to write what you’re feeling grateful for. They can be used as napkins rings, tags for branches of trees, which would make a terrific conversation piece, or be as creative as you’d like. You’ll see we printed them on kraft paper to make a very thankful paper chain. 
(A fun project for the kids while dinner is preparing.) "

I'm Thankful for...
1. A hardworking husband who I love sooo much and couldn't do without!
2. my precious little girl who gives me more joys than I ever thought possible!
3. Planes, so they can fly me to see my parents and close friends! (be back in 6 weeks!!)
4. Skype, so I can see loved ones from afar and not feel like it's been months since i've seen them! I love being able to see my neice grow and her latest personality! 
5. The Holidays.. it gives an excuse to be excited about something and brings loved ones closer!
6. 5. ahh how could i forget the Camera, so I can relive past memories.

I Challenge You:
Make it a goal to at least type/write down 5-10 things you are thankful for - before Thanksgiving!! 
even the small things count!!

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