Thursday, November 3, 2011

Thursday's Tip {Word Collage DIY}

So a while back I was making a blog for my friend Tosha's little girl...
She just let me roam free on how to design it... that was the last thing on her mind, Taleah had just been diagnosed so this was a blog to keep family and friends informed on how Taleah was doing with her fight with cancer. So I got to thinking of what the perfect header should look like and I decided I wanted it to be all about Taleah.. what better way than to spell it out for people! So I went onto their personal family blog to get inspiration and there was Taleah's 2 1/2 year post update (written right before the diagnosis). So I went through and pulled out keywords that described Taleah in a nutshell.. and I designed it in Photoshop...

so I know not everyone has photoshop or has the desire to go through and design one of these.. so I just came across this website that will design your own Wordle

You can either go in and enter your own keywords or you can type in a website you would like them to grab keywords from and they will get you started! You can tweak some things around to customize it.. there isn't complete control like I had designing my own in Photoshop but it is still none the less pretty cool! Click here if you want more control over customizing.

This is what it gave me when I just typed in Pillow Thoughts Blog address...
(it pulled keywords from my site)

funny thing is, this is what I feel like my pillow thoughts look like when i try to go to sleep at night!
Soo many things run through my head when i try to go to bed!! 

These are the keywords I typed in, to do our personal family wordle
"lindsey lexi tyson love eternal family xoxo squeezes care adore infatuated hugs kisses destiny husband wife daughter dad mom support serve thankful blessed cherish travel live laugh love"
and these were some different ones that came from it.. you can always customize the colors, you will just have to play around with it for a bit..

or use Thanksgiving colors, Christmas colors, etc...

you can always keep clicking the "randomize" button to get new looks I would go ahead and make a custom palette for colors you want and then go through and click randomize to get the design layout you like.. then go back and change to your custom color palette.

Where to use these?!?
  • blog headers, footers, blog post about your weekend, etc...
  •  frame them
  • christmas cards
  • baby announcements
  •  birthday cards
  • FHE project or lessons
the list could go on and on.............

Need keyword ideas?
remember the post I did about the Script Plates? I gave some ideas there that would work perfectly for this! 
Here is one 
where I typed in the lyrics from
Away in a Manger for a Christmas themed one.

Hope this helps someone!


  1. Hi Lindsey,

    I'm new to your blog and I love it! I had been thinking about starting my own blog and after seeing your blog (big inspiration) I decided to go ahead and do it! :)

    I would like to know which program you use to make the pretty background, header and letters.


    Laura (

  2. I just stumbled on your blog and it's wonderful! So many fun tips and ideas, I'm definitely a BIG fan will be following your blog!


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