Monday, November 14, 2011

Tuesdays Look {Well Suited & Shoe Diagram}

Is your man in the market for a nice suit?

Mine happens to be for job/school purposes and I came across these very useful tips from EmilyPost.

I am loving the European Style with the more skinny or narrow lapel.. (as seen in image no. 2)

1. Go to an established men's store where trained professionals are on staff. These experts are more knowledgeable about make, style, cut, and fit than most of us can ever hope to be. They can teach you the different between traditional, European, and athletic styles and which will work best for you.

2. You should be aware of the following fit issues:
  • If it feels too tight, it probably is. You should be able to fit the flat of your hand in between your chest and the front of the jacket when buttoned and the back vents should lay flat.
  • If it feels a little big, it can probably be tailored: men's suits can often be taken in a full size.
  • Trousers should fit at the waist (one finger inside the waistband) so you have room when you sit.

    3. The correct jacket length? Stand with your arms hanging naturally at your sides. The jacket should hit just under the curve of your derriere.

    4. The sleeve of the jacket should hit where your wrist bends so that your shirt can poke out 1/8" to 1/4".

    5. Trousers: a "full break" is the bottom of the pant altered to hit 1" above the floor. Pleated trousers should have cuffs.
    Have you noticed that celebs now days are wearing their pant legs to hit around their ankles?

    Ryan Gosling was a perfect example of how to wear a good suit in Crazy Stupid Love

    Need more suit tips?
    click here to see:
    7 ways to see if your suit fits diagram
    how to buy the right shoes
    How to tie a tie.. windsor (broad spread collar) or *The four-in-hand (narrow suits)

    Don't worry ladies, I haven't forgot a little something for you either...
    (if the eye candy wasn't enough)
    in case you were curious what the specific names were for each kind of shoe...


    1. Nothin sexier than a man in a suit. Mike wants a new suit for Christmas. He likes one from express. Thanks for the tips. I love the James bond suit look.

    2. i know, right!


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