Friday, December 9, 2011

Friday's Film {High Fashion People- Strike a Pose}

i'm sorry in advance if i offend anyone with todays post. 

watch it first.
then we will chat :)

dear fashion bloggers,
please don't stop your ridiculous posed bodies. We really do enjoy a good laugh every now and then.
this video just put it into perspective of how ridiculous you can sometimes look...
but hey?! you look cute while contorting your body into who knows what.
Don't get me wrong.. there is a point of cute and then there is the point of taken too far.
just a thought?
after all, I am a photographer I work better behind the lens.

sincerely yours,
just a pillow thought


  1. I really couldn't quit laughing over this one!! haha

  2. Hil. Arious!!!!!!!!!!!!! "I always wanted to be a model" - but no one hired me so I decided to go off on my own. Love it, Linds.

  3.  i know I was laughing the whole time I was writing this post!


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