Friday, December 23, 2011

Holiday Makeup Inspiration

Since, I didn't get a Tuesday's Look in this week... I am going to co-join it with the Friday's Film today!
I don't think anything could look bad on this girl either! 
Her skin is near flawless! 
 Here are a couple of idea tutorials she has for your make-up over the holidays!

Mistletoe Kiss

Midnight Kiss - New Years Look

Loved this tip:

"dry skin comes with the territory in the winter season.. using a cream foundation will reduce dry flakes around the nose and cheeks... Usually Cream Foundation won't have spf so you won't have to worry about your face looking 5x whiter than the rest of your body when you are taking a flash photo."

I almost always have this dry problem on my face out in Idaho.. 
like i said before, I am not big into the expensive brand make-up and I have fallen in love with the 
 Loreal true match 
compact makeup
(it does have spf though)

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