Tuesday, December 20, 2011

Merry Christmas!

I might be a little M.I.A. around here this week.. 
We are busy soaking up the holidays with my fam in Tennessee! We officially started our Christmas shopping on Monday... and it might have been the worst/only option we really had since we were traveling for the holidays.. We did cram in some presents in our suitcases.. but thought it was smartest to just buy when we got here! Definitely fighting some crowds! I'm pretty sure we got all of Lexi's done tonight so just me & ty left.. we are just buying what we want and calling it a suprise.. still have to manage to find some stocking surprises for him so there is something to look forward too.. but I am looking forward to seeing Lexi see Christmas this year.. 
Lexi being the first child, might get a little too spoiled on just about everything.. 
but we can't help ourselves! Hope yall are having fun festivities this week!


  1. I LOVE that reindeer!  We have 2 children now and because the first is a boy and the 2nd is a girl they are both horribly spoiled but seriously is anything more fun!?  Merry Christmas, love the blog and your beautiful pics!

  2.  ahh i am glad I am not the only one! I have a feeling a boy will be next so it might be a litle less high maintenance.. but i'm sure his dad will spoil him to pieces!  Thank you for the comment!!


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