Monday, December 12, 2011

{Monday mornin' thought} my little snowgirl

Lex kinda cheats at peek-a-boo..  glad we caught it on camera! :) 

Here's my Christmas Playlist..

I kinda think I jinxed us from getting snow for Christmas this year..

Ok, so it is kind of ironic.. but TN (where i'm from) has now had snow twice this month (which is super uncommon)! Idaho on the other hand has had just about none this month! I complained in November of it snowing.. but we have yet to have snow this month!! Kinda lame because December is the only month I ever look forward to the Idaho snow.. just because it gets you all in the mood for Christmas! We are headed to TN this weekend to spend Christmas with my family & I could not be more excited! Thursday is our only chance for snow before we leave so i'm hoping we at least get some snow on Thursday!?

I'm going to have some fun post up this week!

Tuesday: Azure Couture Giveaway announcement...  

Wednesday: I will be announcing ANOTHER giveaway!! so stay tuned! 

Thursday: Fun Christmas Tip/Ideas you won't want to miss! 

Friday: haven't got that far...


  1. PRECIOUS!!!  You must send these pictures in to~~~~somewhere, there must be a contest~~somewhere?!!!  They are just ADORABLE!!!  Esp. the one of your daughter & doggie!!!  You are such an amazing, creative photographer!  Wish you could snap my family's photo!
    Kimber & girls♥

  2. Can I just say, these pictures are to die for!!! Your daughter is ADORABLE!!!

  3. That is absolutely adorable! She is too cute :-)

  4. Don't remember where I found your blog..... but your pictures are beautiful! LOVE the ones of your daughter and doggy together!
    We live in West Virginia, but are from Idaho, and there isn't any snow here either! That's okay though. I like it this way!


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