Thursday, December 29, 2011

{Thursday's Tip} DIY- sometimes you just fall in love

Well I feel rejuvenated from a nice little Christmas break so I'm ready to start blogging again!!
I'm going to share with yall my most recent blog crush.. Stylizimo

sometimes you just fall in love.
I have fallen in love with just about EVERYTHING on this blog!
If I had a clean slate on a house....... hers would be mine.
everything about her style is gor-gee-ous! no lie.
 seriously.. love the simplicity
AND if i didn't have a kid and a dog.. you better believe I would start painting everything white just like her!
best of all she (Nina, whose Norwegian) does DIY post on her home decor
most ideas you have probably seen before, but hers just seem so much more inviting!

here are 9 of my faves...

1. DIY Dining Table

4. DIY- The cutest bird feed you will ever see

8. DIY Couch for your basement or playroom


  1. ADORABLE ideas!  Just found your blog, it's SO cute I love it!

  2.  Thanks Lisa!! Glad you love it :)


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