Wednesday, December 7, 2011

Thursday's Tip {Santa's Key & a Christmas Tip}

Santa Baby by Pink Martini on Grooveshark

Santa's Key
I bought a silver & red glittered key ornament last year at Wal-Mart.
I'm not sure if they still carry them this year or not?  but any old keys will do.

Hang the keys on your tree until Christmas Eve.. 
that night, let the kids leave the key on the outside of your door for Santa to come in! 
this idea is so nice for homes with kids who do not have a chimney.

I went ahead and made these little labels to share with all of you, you will just need to
grab a hole punch and I used a glue dot to get them to lay together how I liked.
Print on thick cardstock! (less light will shine through the paper)

Click on the image & then hopefully it will be ready to print!
If not, e-mail me @ lindseymarlor{at}gmail{.}com 

Want another fun little Christmas Tip?
My sister has a 3 year old and she has changed her text message alert noise to christmas bells... 
so everytime she gets a text message or e-mail alert... 
her phone goes off and she tells her little girl that Santa is just checking in on her making sure she is being good so now Kinsey gets all excited when "Santa text"!
I thought it was pretty clever!!

Get the ringtone: (free)
On the Android Market the app is called Zedge and they have free ringtones and notification sounds.. be careful when you look at the notification sounds because some of the titles are a little tasteless.
so search sleigh bells 

btw, i just spent the last thirty minutes going through that app 
applying specific ring tones to all of my favorite people!
I'm sure there is a similar app for those of you who are not on the android market!


  1. hi there - found you via top mummy blog - I love the key idea; we don't have a chimney, and I'm not totally in love with the dollar-store 'stop here' signs - so thanks for this idea!
    I joined up and I'd love for you to pop over to my site - we seem like minded - and join up if you can! 

  2. Me too!!!!  Now I am sharing with my friend!!!♥

  3. Me too!  Now I am going to share with my friends!!!♥  Have a wonderful day and week-end!

  4. Love your tags!  I bought the same keys last year @ Wally World~~this year they are a rustic brown so I just had to buy them as well~~adding them to some vintage music sheets for tags!

    Your blog is awesome, you are so creative& inspiring!  And sooo blessed with your beautiufl baby daughter and husband♥.  I am the proud mom of two teenage daughters, one away at college & one a sophmore in high school, with a husband I adore of over twenty years.♥

    Thanx again for your great posts and ideas, oh and the nicest thoughts on doing for others~~love your sincerity♥


    Kimber & girls♥

  5. thank you so much for your comment! Those sweet words just made my day!!  I'm glad you found Pillow Thought :)


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