Tuesday, December 13, 2011

Tuesdays Look {My new favorite shoes}

So I was trying to waste time until I met up with ty.. so i was shopping and I found the CUTEST boots!!

I hardly ever find anything really good at Ross i'm more of a TJ Maxx kinda girl but I fell in love with these!

we had a date night and just went to dinner... but i was feeling pretty blessed to just be hanging out with these two.. and i love when restaurants have it all decked out in Christmas, totally a mood setter!
lex fell asleep on the way home considering she had slept maybe 15 min. all day.. so ty was taking advantage of some cuddle time b/c the second you put her back in her crib from falling asleep in the car she wakes up!

My favorite part of the whole thing was that they were only 30 bucks 
and they have the exact same ones on  

Moral of the story........ they really do have good buys for less!


  1. love the pic of ty and lex....soooooooooooooo sweet

  2. Your boots are so CA~~UTE!  I agree with you, I am a TJ/Marshalls kind of shopper, but hit Ross every now and then.  I found some really pretty mercury vases & also some darling mason jars with handles that look just like PB, but lovin the Ross pricetag~~2.99 each!!!  Now I must make a stop, just to see if your boots could possibly be there for my oldest daughter!  Ya never know!! Love love love your pictures of your adorable daughter~~love love love your blog!!! Kimber & Co♥ p.s our ross is right by hobby lobby, another fun store to explore!!!

  3. those mason jars with handles sound soo cute! I too love Hobby Lobby, worked there a long time ago! hated it as a job but loveee the store and sales!! Hope you were able to find the boots!!


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