Sunday, October 30, 2011

Mondays Recap {losing it}

Ok so i seem to be losing my mind lately... First I lost $50, then it was Lexi's silver toms, then it was Lexi's one brown boot, then it was my license, then it was my cell phone... (all in the past two weeks) ALL of these went missing for more than a day or 4 days.. well almost except for the cell phone (luckily less than 24 hours).. AND Tyson found every single one except for the 50 bucks.. i think that one is LONG GONE!! Seriously though I think i might be losing it because I search everywhere and don't have a bit of clue where I could have placed these things.. I blame it on being too consumed with too many things at once!

Anyways after our Halloween party I went looking for my cell phone. Could not find that thing anywhere!! The last time I remember using it was right before the party I was sending my mom pic messages of lex in her costume.. so we ended up going to bed and I woke up and looked everywhere.. seriously everywhere behind the fridge, washer & drier, etc.. So when ty woke up he started looking too.. no luck so I was like you took the trash out last night didn't you? He was like ya... but i think its still in the garage.. lex doesnt really throw things away maybe once or twice.. but by no means a regular thing. So we kinda just let it go then ty goes out to the garage and comes back in and hands me my cell phone all messy!! Soooo glad he didnt take our trash out to the dumpster last night!!

ok so i totally was not good about taking pics of everything once people got there... we had such yummy food though!! Here's a peak incase anyone still needs ideas for tonight!

fun way to label party drinks: spray the bottle with chalkboard paint & have some chalk

mummy juice boxes for the little ones

Ashley made some amazing chicken tortilla soup

Rebecca made some scary forked eyeballs.. sooo sad I did not make more time to take a good picture of these babies! (They are donut balls, or you could use cake balls)

and Jenna made some yummy finger sandwiches.. literally

this is my attempt on eye ball ice cubes.. I used cherrys that come in the jar without the stem and bought a bag of frozen blue berries.. cut a little center spot in the cherry and shove the smaller sized blueberries in. Put the two face down in the mini muffin tray. Be careful when you move to the freezer because it will move your placement and it looks best when the blueberry part faces down towards the tray.

Happy Halloween!!

Friday, October 28, 2011

Friday's Film {Halloween Light Show}

Would you HATE IT or LOVE IT if these were your neighbors?!
apparently, this isn't their first year to do it!

Hope you all have fun Halloween Festivities this weekend! 

Thursday, October 27, 2011

Thursday's Tip {Fun Keepsake Ideas}

Ok, so my friend Rebecca showed me a book she just got.. it's like a journal but its a hard bound book with a picture of her little boy on the front & the title is "The Funny Things I Say"...
Dallin is 2 1/2 years old so this is the perfect age for this little book!!

You are suppose to carry around this little book in your purse or wherever you go so you can quickly jot down the funny little things your growing toddlers are saying! It is such a good idea and such an easy way to remember all the funny little things that come out of their mouth!!

Rebecca got this little book that is regularly $15 with $8 shipping... for $8. She found a coupon for a free book and all you have to pay is the shipping! Such a good deal!

"Take note of every detail with these creative and unique, personalized notebooks. Personalize the cover with text or photos to make it your own."

"These fun and inspiring journals make it easy to brainstorm, take notes, make to-do lists, jot down recipes, schedule appointments, record favorite quotes, or just write about your day. These conveniently sized 6 1/4 x 8 1/4 notebooks feature 80 high-quality lined pages. Printed on premium 50% recycled fiber paper."

Other fun finds i liked over at Paper Couterie... 

Personalized Growth Chart.. 
they have more looks here

Cute Shaped Christmas Cards or Announcement Cards 
Sold in sets of 12, envelopes included!

my ALL TIME FAVORITE might just be...
this Memory Box.. other styles here

Me & Ty started a box when we were first married and I started Lex one when she was born.. but how cute would this little box be for the really important stuff!! I just love it!

here is a cute idea for the older kids!

Wednesday, October 26, 2011

Wednesday's Fun Find {pretty little Bookmarks}

ok how pretty are these little bookmarks!? I'm pretty sure that you could replicate your own as well!! 
They add a little charm to these antique books

Tuesday, October 25, 2011

Sunday, October 23, 2011

{Mondays Recap} Our fall family pictures

Ok, so i might be OBSESSED with 'styled photo shoots' i get visions in my head of how I want everything and seriously our family pictures surpassed my vision..  

Tara  seriously did an AMAZING job and I am so glad I found her! I am normally a tough critic of anything photography related and especially of us but some how she worked her magic on us because it was quite the task getting lexi AND diggy to both cooperate.. Lex was not about to sit still for us and anytime we tried she would arch her back and throw major tantrums! I have seen this with other families I have photographed so it is not new to me.. but it is however hard to keep calm when you are the ones being photographed.. just a little stressful!!  Oh and did i mention we took these Friday.. and she literally had them all done and up the next day?!?.. can i just say once more, how awesome Tara is!!  I still have 3 sessions waiting, that need to be edited!! Soo that's my goal for the week, and to make lexi's Halloween costume.... ahh its going to be a LONG week! wish me luck!

Friday, October 21, 2011

Friday's Film {Don't you just love little girls?}

my friend Ashley shared this one with me tonight and I loved it! This little girl is sooo hyper! gosh i hope lex doesnt get this too intense :)

Thursday, October 20, 2011

Halloween Ep. 9 {My Hallowen Decor Black & Silver}

OK so i was being a HUGE procrastinator on getting my Halloween out.. mainly because it's below our house so i had to wait for Ty to want to go down and bring them back up & b/c i was kinda liking our new/kinda newly decorated house and I didn't wanna throw in gaudy Halloween decor with oranges and purples. ha Sooooo I decided to spray paint just about everything! Well everything that was orange and that needed it! So I bought black & metallic silver and went to town.. 
So everything you see that is silver in this post was originally another color... I am amazed how much cuter everything seems to be & it made me feel like I had whole new Halloween decorations!!
Somehow we manage to have more Halloween Decor than Christmas decor.. 
probably because we/i try and not be here on Christmas.. its mostly spent with my family somewhere else.
label found here

 those little pumpkins were from the Dollar Store..
 for some reason we had a big collections of the styrofoam skeletons.. some came with our outdoor stuff but they were all spray painted and made into a collection
 I used the same idea from my c-i-l post... and made some cute little books... just spray painted 
I bought 3 packages of silver glitter alphabet stickers at Wal-Mart for 99cents each
 silver platter also from Dollar Store

 i bought this black slime from the Dollar Store.. its in the kids toys section
 thrifted old bottles & labels from here & here
 copied this from the c-i-l as well :)
 Black Glitter pumpkins from Dollar Section at Target for $2.50... 
silver (spray painted) pumpkins/gourds from the grocery store in the vegatables & fruit section.
 headstones, Dollar Store.. spray painted black.  
actually with chalkboard spray paint.. no reason other than laziness for using the chalkboard kind

 free printable from here

 i also spray painted our outside orange pumpkin black.. and did glitter spray paint on top of that.