Friday, January 13, 2012

Friday's Film {A dream is a wish your heart makes}

want to know someone who I think is super strong??
It's my friend Tosha I have talked about..

Yesterday was a big day for my friend Tosha and her family.
Their little girl got her new hair-do.. and i have to say she is just as adorable as she was before!
I was reading her last blog post (go read) about Taleah's Buzz Party, she was the only princess allowed to join! Her husband, brothers, & father-in-law all shaved their heads with Taleah.

Something I thought was so sweet was, that Tosha's sister brought Taleah a barbie with a shaved head! Then today someone tagged her on fb with this picture below... Bald is Beautiful.
via pinterest

Reading about the things they face changes my perspective on a lot of things.

I dont know about you, 
But when I experience or read about things that are before foreign to me I grow a greater appreciation for them and look at them in a different light. some examples..

The Sullengers - good friends of ours who lost their 18 month the night before Lex was born. this could be a whole post in itself but "going" through that trial along side them has immensely changed my thoughts on many things! Especially to cherish life with little ones. They are super strong!

Little People, Big World or Little Couple - both shows  we dvr- It's funny how a show like this changed a lot of my perspective. I totally looked at little people differently.. they were not different.  They became normal in my eyes.

All-American Muslim - my perception of Muslims have changed.. when I saw a lady in a head wrap in Victoria Secret I looked at her differently. as a normal person, just like she should be in the first place. Sadly I am not going to lie.. the 9/11 incident changed my thoughts of Muslims when I was on planes.. I did get paranoid. I hate to admit it.. but I'm glad for shows like that on TLC where you can realize first hand THEY ARE normal US citizens with just a different religious belief!

I'm Mormon/LDS... I've had my fair share of running into people who perceive my religion to be different. read about some of that here.


  1.  thanks whit!

  2. I stumbeled through your blog today and I have to say I really like it. And this Entry made me smile, because I am a Muslim, even though not very religous. But I believe, in God of course and I made the experience, that even though I read a lot of blogs ( especially from the US ) and liked them , I always found an entry, where the writer made it clear, that they didn't really like Muslims. What I basically wanted to say, please stay open minded and don't worry about people who have a different religion, they might have the same moral standards as you do and hope to live a happy life and be a good human being.
    Really enjoyed your blog so far, keep going!
    Greetings from Switzerland

  3.  your comment just made my day! thanks for sharing!


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