Wednesday, January 25, 2012

fun find {bucket toyz and blueberries}

This morning has consisted of breakfast, playing with lexis new bucket toyz, watching toons, and lexi becoming a blueberry.
I found these super cute little bucket toyz off of etsy.. and they came in the mail just yesterday.. so I opened it all up and let her play with them this morning! She loves "cleaning up" putting them in and out of the bucket & i'll start trying to teach her, her numbers soon. She keeps surprising me with what she is learning. I sometimes forget that she is "ready" to learn..  and that I am the one that she will gain all of her knowledge from so it is kind of a heavy burden if ya know what I mean!? so these little bucket toyz seemed too cute to help her start!
I am so not even kidding when I say she has probably eaten half of the carton of blueberries that we just bought last night! She is obsessed with blueberries to say the least!
this is her whining "more, more" face.. she says please now too which kills me, 
because how can you say no to a polite 18 month old???
seriously, this was the third and last bowl of blueberries for this girl today!


  1. such a cute idea! i can't believe how long her hair is getting!! she is so so cute.

  2. It must be pretty warm there with what she has on! Cute find on etsy. And Pres also was obsessed with blueberries. : ) Funny thing is I don't really like them.

  3. haha it was actually kinda chilly out today.. so she had tights and sweater coat on when we did leave the house! but i keep our house pretty warm for my sake! 


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