Wednesday, January 11, 2012

{a little more about me}

time to get a little personal.

places we've lived:
Well... me & ty got married March 31st, 2006. the summer after we were married we left for Seattle, Wa for his job.. and every year after minus one.. we have left to somewhere new doing the same thing for his job while he finishes school...
Living in Idaho, Seattle, Raleigh, NC, Indianapolis, Philadelphia, LA, San Fran area.. and now back to where I grew up.. Memphis, TN.

Every place we move we make it a goal to make a list of all the things we want to see and do.. we try and take full advantage of living in a new place. I'm pretty grateful for all the things we have been able to experience!

favorite drink:
Dr. Pepper or a Cherry Coke.. or i like to mix them 1/2 and 1/2.

favorite place I've ever eaten at:
Ninja New York- a themed restaurant in NY
Well Tyson and I had seen an episode on Travel channel the theme was Extreme Bathrooms..  For some odd reason I have a fascination with the whole Asian/Japanese vibe and look.. so I loved it! And apparently I don't know much about ninja's because you walk in off the streets into this low lit room- you wait for your reservation and then they call you and you go down this elevator (just me and ty).. the lights get even lower as you go down. Tyson mentioned I bet they are going to do something.. I was thinkin ya right this is a restaurant. Little did I know right when we get out of the elevator we get a ninja yelling at us (keep in mind it is way dark) I of course screamed like a little kid [totally wasnt expecting it] and Tyson was just like "I knew they were going to do something like that".. So anyways throughout the night we had sneaky little ninja's randomly coming by and scaring us.. We also had two ninja-magicians come by to our table and did magic tricks to add to the experience. It was soo much fun and our waiter was hilarious! [very sarcastic & looked just like what I thought a ninja should look like]

When did you first find out that you’d be a parent? How did you feel?
We were technically not trying.. and not preventing... so we were leaving being parents up to chance I guess you could say.. We had been married for 3 1/2 years. One day, I was late on my cycle.. (tmi?), had random heart burn.. and thought hmm thats odd wonder if it means anything?.. Headed to the dollar store to pick up a little test and headed on my way to school to meet a group.  Went into the school bathroom and took the little test.. took it wrong, apparently. b/c i couldn't figure out if i was pregnant or not... soo another waiting game til i got back to my car after our "meeting" was over and re-read the directions.. it's really not that hard.. and apparently it was a faulty stick.. went back home with the second stick... and realized there was two little lines... they were faint. still unsure so I went back to the store to get a legit test.. that READ IT OUT PREGNANT OR NOT PREGNANT.. and took the test again and I remember my exact reaction.. I was giddy and screaming/talking to myself  saying omigosh I am pregnant! most likely over and over again. 
It was a fun little suprise to share when Ty got home.. because we were both not expecting it.. he didn't believe me :) until I showed him the proof.. hah  

favorite tv show:
I have always been obsessed with FRIENDS.. it's pure timeless and something I could watch over and over and still laugh at their humor! we have all the seasons on dvd.. and not currently having tv they are getting watched a good amount!

favorite place we've been to out of the country:
Xel-Ha in Cancun.. I'm not so sure why I loved it there so much but it was just the perfect day with just me and my husband! The food was great and the exploring was even funner!

favorite place we've been to in the country:
Going to a Jimmy Fallon show in NY was pretty high on our list... 
Scariest experience of my life:
TIE between a creepy man experience and me & ty getting lost down-downtown Cancun at night.

Favorite Quote:
my sister pinned this on pinterest a little while ago and I think it is perfect!

Jobs I had before I got married:
I babysat, worked at Dairy Queen (ice cream place in the mall), Hobby Lobby, Express, & Abercrombie & Fitch.. sad to admit that last one.. but let's just say I did it for the discount!

least favorite: Hobby Lobby- I was a cashier.. the owners didn't believe in cash registers at the time so they only had "adding machines" let's just say I messed up quite a lot & it was quite stressful!! It is the only job I have ever had where I had excessive dreams about being at work. Worst night sleep ever! (they got real cash registers shortly after I stopped working there though)
only pro was that I got dang good discounts!

favorite: Dairy Queen..
This was my first real job.. I worked their with my best friend & we had a fun little group we worked with! Lots of memories from that job!

let's just say i like working on my own schedule a little better!!

Do you like your job now days?
Well I am a full time mom.. and yes I love that job!

I am also a photographer... I started out doing landscape photography and loved the growing experience.. Then I started doing family & friends.  Then I stepped into the bigger sea and took on sessions with people who would contact me. I have started to notice when I get "over booked" I start to dread sesions.. and get burnt out. MY BIGGEST FEAR. I do not ever want to get sick of taking pictures.. so I LIMIT how many sessions I will take on. I especially love {styled sessions} someone with a vision of what they want...
I want to enjoy what I do.. and I want my families memories to come first. I hate when I see photographers who get so "overbooked" they have no memories to show for of their own family.. that's not why I got into photography. I want to capture MY life first and foremost.

Then I found another creative outlet that let me experience the same satisfaction my photography gave me and that is this little blog here. I love blogging, sharing, and findings inspiration.

SO for now... Photography as a business is something I love to do on the side.. but for now I am focusing on my family.. and blogging and see where this takes me! It is very therapeutic for me.

If you could do anything now, what would you do? Why?
I would love love love to be an editorial type of Photographer.. shoot fun products and create pretty environments! Would absolutely love to work with Sweet Paul Magazine.. their  stuff is right up my alley!!

Is there something about me that you’ve wanted to know?


  1. I love your photography. I'm having a little girl in April and wished you lived closer so you could take her newborn pictures. :)


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  2. Happy New Year Lindsey!

    ~~Love~~hearing about you and your life!  Such a beautiful story, and one I hope my two daughters grow up and experience.  Fuuny, I soooooo love reading  your blog, and I am probably closer to your own mom's age!  You are so honest and real, not to mention talented, that I now have my other friends reading about you! 
    ~~Mostly, what I want to say is that YOU GET IT!  Your priorities are sooo in tact, your family first, your darling family first I should add!  And such a supportive wife to move all over like you have.  But to embrace all the neat stuff, and to experience it, is sooooooooo cool! And now you get to move back to your home stompin grounds~~Amazing!  My mom & dad traveled the world, years ago, and I have always LOVED hearing all their stories, etc.  My husband & I have always lived in one place, believe me I am not complaining, cause I LOVE my BLESSED life, but once we retire~~we are hittin the road!!!!
    ~~Anyway, know that you have touched my life~~you are very inspiring~~I look so forward to reading your posts, looking at your beautiuful pictures(I am clueless about photography, but LOVE viewing it, etc)so refreshing to see & read positive, fresh, enlightening,neat stuff, but that we can have also have real feelings at the same time, ya know?!!!! (like letting your daughter sleep withcha) I have done that myself, and my two girls turned out just fine!!!  Oh and that you like dr. peppe~~~LOVE IT!!!!  My oldest daughter rec'd a license plate when she turned 16 that read ~~~"Patient of~~Dr. Pepper!!!  Matches her Kia car, so we nickanamed it Dr. Pepper!!

    ~~Have a wonderful day, I'm sure you already are!!!
    Kimber, & girls (Jerra & Jalee are my daughters♥)

  3. also i am on fb
    hagans and harper
    we are jsut getting started with the party thang, and our photos are not good at all, but you can see a little bit anyway, nothing like yours though!!!

  4. Love that dress little Lexi is wearing!  I need to get my girl one for this summer!  So fun to read this post and I can't believe you can pull off blonde and brunette hair!  Lucky!!!


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  5. haha thanks! the dress I bought at a mall in Brea, CA... but they have an online shop.. sadly they don't have everything they had in their store.. but here is their site..

  6.  thank you kelli! congrats on the baby girl!!

  7.  your comments always make my day!! im serious!  Thank you so much for taking the time to let me know you read my blog!! I'm heading over to check yours out!

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