Monday, January 30, 2012

{Monday mornin' thought} going out...

Wanna know something about me?

first off, are you a stay at home or a going out type of person?
I'm most definitely a going out..
and i am talking about eating.
I like to eat at places.. not grab it & go.
I do the drive-thru thing but only when i'm in a hurry or by myself..

anyways, what sparked this little thought was the fact that eating out at places creates memories for me,
places remind me of special people and times
Chipotle, Hogi Yogi, etc... he has too many to name - Ty
Mosa Bistro - my mom
Arby's, Chikfila, Bajio, Chili's, Krystals, etc... - my sister, we had our certain lunch dates that we had often when we lived by each other!
Mill Hollow - Less
Craigos, Fazoli's - Bre

i seriously could go on & on...
give me a friends name and I will tell you a certain places that remind me of them, and I will tell you the exact store i picture too!

tyson used to prefer going & getting food and bringing it back home but he has gotten much better about eating out at places.. I just feel like eating out somewhere brings in a new environment and creates more memories..

Sundays are different... a homecooked meal with the family is perfect! In Idaho Tysons grandparents had us over almost every Sunday for dinner.. and out here my parents have done the same! I think I get a little spoiled on not having to cook! But it too, is creating memories & i love it!

I pinned these whole grain pancakes with berry cream syrup a while ago and the ingredients looked like it got a little complicated.. so I suggested it for Sunday Dinner... and so we had ourselves breakfast for dinner and my amazing mother whipped it all up!! I did help but all credit goes to my sweet mom for sure!!

whole grain pancakes with berry cream syrup

they were delicious and it was definitely worth going and buying the extra ingredients!! We really liked the berry cream syrup.. I forgot to bring the fruit spread so we swapped it out with just some grape jelly and tasted just as good! The fruit spread is sugarless... so its basically trying to save you on all the sugar of regular syrup.. any way you do it I'm sure is just fine!

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  1. Lindseyyyyyyy!!!! It's been some time since I have stopped by here! LOVE your blog! you are so talented! wish we could meet up tomorrow for a craigos lunch date! that'd be pretty sweet! gosh oreo pizza? can i get a "hells yes!' maybe a skype date while eating pizza instead? let's catch up! 

  2. I totally love this. And those pancakes look amazing!!!

  3. Love your blog. I am happy to be your newest follower. when you have a chance check out my blog

  4. thanks! i will check it out!!

  5. Mill Hallow!!!!! My mouth is watering. Miss you and miss parts of rexburg. Emphasis on "parts."


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