Monday, January 9, 2012

{Monday mornin' thought} hold up

Love Whiplash by Jayme Dee on Grooveshark

Ok, i fibbed.. the good news for the calendars is going to have to wait..
I'm still working out the kinks for it.

But, we did however have a fun little weekend! Pretty much all settled in.. just waiting for tv & internet to get put in today.. still bumming off someones wifi & my cell phones wifi hot spot with poor connection.

I absolutely hate how long it takes for techs to arrive.. they were suppose to come 9-12 AM... and it is now 3 o'clock and still nada.... around 1 ty called to see what the hold up was & they told us it had been moved back to 12-4.. a telephone call would have been nice!

and umm they have one hour to keep that promise of the 12-4 slot..  not going to get my hopes up..
but i really do miss our tv shows & fast internet!

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