Monday, January 2, 2012

{Monday mornin' thought} some things are just destined

I feel like things just happen for a reason.. because they are suppose to.
Because, Heavenly Father sees the bigger picture.

This goes for little things..
This goes for bigger things..
The bigger things may be harder to except as destined especially if its not the plans we were hoping for.

but i think in the long term.. we will find that it is indeed destiny.

Let's go back to the little things..
I can't help but think of the last giveaway I hosted.. giveaways are just fun... only one person wins which stinks.. and I want no control over choosing who that one person is... so does it for me.

After the winner was chosen last time I received a sweet little e-mail..
Something like this...

"Thank you so much for this giveaway! I can't tell you how excited I am. Like I said, I have never won anything and this just made my week. My husband (for the 2nd year) is deployed in the Middle East and it is putting it mildly when I say this week is a little difficult. So I am sending you a HUGE THANK YOU for perking me up!!"

This little e-mail seriously made my day! I didn't feel bad anymore that the others who entered didn't win.. I felt in this instance the right winner was already taken care of..

I am not saying that everyone who "needs"to win will actually win every giveaway out there...
But I am saying,
There are certain instances in your life where you will see someone above playing a role in how things play out in life...

this weeks current giveaway.. 2012 Whimsical Carnival Calendar

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