Monday, January 16, 2012

{Monday mornin' thought} strawberries

Weekend Hi-lights
1. Shopping with my mom & baby girl
2. Having Ty all to my self on Sunday
3. Buying a Strawberry grow Kit & "planting it" (Target in the dollar section)
4. BBQ take out & movie marathon from Red Box
5. Sunday Dinner with my family
6. Making my first trip to Archivers & loving that store, lots of projects to come...
7. singing "bum bum bum bum.. ayyy ayyyhh" everytime we change a diaper.. lex has learned to sing bum bum & ay ay.. and its possibly the only way to make diaper changing less dreadful.. she for some reason thinks of it as torture.


  1. how cute is that plant! :) looks like a great weekend!

  2. i know i need to research how long it takes for a strawberry to grow! hopefully i can keep it alive!


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