Monday, January 23, 2012

Mondays Recap {me time}

My mom and dad were sweet enough to watch lex for me most of Saturday.. I was meeting an old but good friend for lunch for her bday and she was running a little late so I went next door and got a much needed manicure.. I did the shellac nail polish.. they don't have tons of options, so I decided to stick with a Valentine's look... red/pink with shimmer sparkles in it. Looked all pretty for our date night!

I think everyone needs to splurge a little every once in a while in life.. it keeps things fun i think! We went to Texas De Brazil before we headed to the Grizzlies game.. it's pretty expensive but it tasted soo good! Not sure I eat enough food for the price but it was a nice little treat!

I am so not a cook, nor do I ever sit there and make time to fix me a nice little breakfast because ty normally doesn't eat it.. but I made sure to this weekend and it was quite good! I was able to get "me" time in, thanks to my parents,  and it was greatly appreciated!! Hope you all enjoyed your weekend!

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