Thursday, January 26, 2012

my happy place

no thursdays tip today..  just me.
Two little Birds by Bob Marley on Grooveshark

this is one of my happy places.
somewhere really pretty just taking pictures.
the picture above was taken when I was pregnant visiting my sister in Portland a couple years ago we decided to go visit their Japanese Gardens and as soon as we got there it started pouring down rain! Luckily it let down and we were able to enjoy the rest of the day and enjoy sister bonding moments!

today it is also pouring down rain and i am stranded in the house with no vehicle

but i was able to get my 1 mile run in while lex was down napping thanks to an extra treadmill laying around at the parentals.. ty lugged it up our stairs for me & i have officially taken advantage of working out while lex is napping two days in a row! and that makes 4 days in a row running a mile. 
can i just say that i am proud of myself. i dont stick to these kinda things and I get kinda down on my self when i think sheesh i have to do this for like 4 more weeks??? 
so i think blogging about it has helped me.

I have some projects I want to start doing but having no car kinda puts a little damper on that..
so hopefully next Thursday there will be something fun to share!


  1. beautiful photo! nice work on the running! i wish we could be running buddies! half marathon. april. think. about. it.

  2. I absolutely love that photo!! Are you selling that one at all on your etsy? You are an amazing photographer Lindsey and I love Pillow Thought.

  3. Thank you!! I just found my original the other week.. and I have been dragging on getting it to etsy.. so I will make that my goal for today!! Thanks for the sweet compliment I appreciate it!!


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