Thursday, January 19, 2012

Thursday's Tip {Pinterest, hit or miss?}

First off,
One of my good friends Less, made a funny little post right before Christmas about Pinterest Hits & Misses.. I thought it was pretty clever because quite frankly we all see these amazing tips and think holy moly this is such a good idea!

So I'm going to share my latest flop of my own but I'll start with an intro of  Leslie's post...

Here is the deal. I LOVE Pinterest.  There are a lot of amazing clothes, DIY's, recipes, crafts, you name it.  People have some serious talent.  Where do they think of these things? It is nice that people are willing to share their ideas so that others can experience the same joy. But I am going to be honest with you, I have tried several things on Pinterest that have been a total FLOP.  Most of them are recipes.  So I am going to share with you my successes and flat out failures.

FLOP  #1
Don't these cookies look sooooo delicious and moist?


Well mine turned out looking like flattened poop. They pretty much tasted like it too.

In the recipe it says to add between 2-4 egg whites. Okay, there is a BIG difference between 2 and 4 whites. Just give it to me straight! I added 4 and they were waaaaaaay too runny.
Note to self: add egg whites and then assess the batter consistency.

Flop #2....

Delectable Yogurt Covered Pretzels.


The recipe calls for three ingredients. Yogurt, powdered sugar and pretzels. Well, when you mix together the yogurt and powdered sugar it is way too runny to stick to the pretzels. I think whoever posted this is forgetting the fourth ingredient: ALMOND BARK. Whoever posted this recipe needs to get punched in the face. I will accept fault for the chocolate cookies, but these....not my fault.

I dipped one pretzel into that watery mess and decided to call it quits. Hence, no picture.
Next time I am saving myself the headache and going to Sprouts.

 I sure feel better now that I shared it with you. All I can do is laugh.

Ok, so back to me  (Lindsey)
So living in an apartment for three months our walls are pretty bare.. and I have been itching to start some photo projects.. well I started on one & finished with a major flop
Ok, so I did use a different gloss medium so i'm technically not sure if that made a huge difference.. quite possible?! but I was VERY disappointed with my little project (less than $20). 

What went wrong?
i did two different 11x14 canvases.. and each i did differently.. but both had end results with scuffs & tears - wondering if its the gel medium I used? I bought it from Archivers (scrapbooking place) and the one in the tutorial blog I saw it off of used Liquitex gel medium.. which was quite a bit more expensive and I had a much harder time even finding it in stock at Craft Stores.. I'm thinking if I do try the whole canvas & print thing I might try mod-podging it instead of the transfer!

I found 11x14 canvas at Hobby Lobby 2 for $3.99? and printing a b&w on LASER printer (imp. to use laser- b/c inkjet will bleed) but that was under $5 for two.. NOW if you want bigger size like 16x20... price increases quite a BUNCH! so I did 11x14.

both of my canvases looks like crap in person.. so those will unfortunately not be making their home on our naked apartment walls!!

If you have had a flop and you want to share or the links do so in the comment section! I would love to hear about your pinterest, hit or miss!


  1. a oh good I just found the link too! 

  2. i can't find the original post for those cookies and they do look yummy!  please help!

  3. oh, hooray!  i think i found it!  that chocolate & carrots has a lot of recipes!


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