Thursday, January 5, 2012

{Thursday's Tip} Speeding Tickets from the Air

Have you ever heard of being pulled over by a cop who "clocked" you from the air??

Well Ty got pulled over in Nebraska from one.. and I thought it sounded absurd! We thought maybe there was some other risky business going on around him so thats why they did it.. but once we started googling it we found another story a man had posted on a blog & matched tysons almost to a T. 

Want to hear how it works??
this is the man on the forums words..
(saves me a lot of time to try and re-type tys story except ty wasn't speeding that much)

Mans version that matches tys:
"On Saturday, I received a speeding ticket in the state of Florida that came from an airplane measuring device. I am assuming its some sort of stop watch measuring the time between two lines. My question is how in the world can one airplane clock multiple cars at once? In the area where I received the ticket (I was given a ticket for 87 mph in 70), there were at least 10 State Troopers rotating on and off the expressway. While I waited for the officer to complete the paperwork, I counted 11 people pulled over and it was a constant rotation on and off the expressway to get more."

How it works:
There are measured lines on the highway, an officer or trooper in an aircraft visually looks for a vehicle that appears to be traveling faster than the posted speed limit. The vehicle he picks out is usually also traveling faster than surrounding traffic. He starts the measuring device when you cross the first line. He ends the speed measurment when you cross the second line.

Then, the airborne officer radios your vehicle information to the ground unit, who pulls you over. Usually the airborne officer will keep your car in sight until the ground unit pulls in behind you and the airborne officer verifies that he has the right car.

another neat little tid-bit:
"Yes it is quite normal for them to pull over multiple violators. As mentioned in the previous post, it is possible for them to have more than one spotter timing different cars.

Actually having done it, there are times that the spotter(s) have to stop calling out cars because all of the officers are already busy with cars stopped.

By the time you realized there was a speed enforcement operation, they had already obtained your speed. (probably well before you slowed down and realized there were officers in the area - typically on the far side of an overpass or around a curve)"

BEWARE of those odd white horizontal stripes on the HWY 
while traveling on road trips..
It might save you from getting a Speeding Ticket

oh i almost forgot,
the cop was nice & let my hubs off with a warning :)
lucky, lucky!


  1. thanks for the info! i have seen the signs posted saying the spped is monitored by aircraft and i laugh to myself yeah right how in the heck would that work? So now I know thanks to your wonderful blog!!!

  2.  haha chelle you are so weird..


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