Tuesday, January 3, 2012

Tuesdays Look {Whats In My Closet}

I figured I might start this new little segment into the blog.. 
I tried finding items out of my closet online to share... but apparently 80% of the things I looked for online were M.I.A. so I decided to just get the camera out for this little post..

so here is a glimpse into my closet
1. Francesca's  2. H&M 3. American Eagle
4. Charming Charlie   5. Forever 21   6. Forever 21  7. Urban Outfitters
8. Cathy Jean Shoes
sadly, these are my favorite shoes ever.. love the style of them. They get worn ALOT... but I don't think I got what I paid for... they were around $90 and the toes have been scuffed up after 3 mo. of wear.. and the sole cracked & the heel is pretty worn down... lame!
Carlos Santana out of all people has some boots that looked really similar to mine at Macy's but they only have them in black in stores... I actually got a pair of the black but I'm waiting to see if  i think I will actually wear them... i might still return those?!? need to decide soon.. i'm kinda indecisive like that!

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  1. BenandRachael HobleySeptember 1, 2012 at 12:01 AM

    hey i have the carlos santana boots in the tan color. they actually look almost identical to the cathy jean shoes you have. i got them at famous footwear, this winter so they might still have them. they are called unity by carlos santana. hope this helps :). love your style of clothes!

  2. Thanks Rachael I will have to try there!


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