Thursday, February 23, 2012

Friday's Film {My Heart Skips a Beat}

My heart skips a beat for....

This song,
Lenka- My Heart Skips A Beat
i heard it a couple of weeks ago & couldn't find it anywhere then heard it again the other night & googled it immediately before I forgot the words! LOVE IT!

bbq pop chips, i could eat a whole bag of you in one sitting!

the fact that a week from tomorrow me & ty will be in Cabo, where almost 6 years ago we spent it honeymooning.

Dinstuhls Chocolate Covered Strawberries

and of course this little girl, seriously its so sad but I can't even really remember her at this age.. it seems like soo long ago!! I do, but I can hardly fathom how teeny tiny she once was!! ohh i miss it, but i love this stage!


  1. how fun that you're going to cabo!!!!!!! 

  2. lenka is so fun and cabo? LUCKY!

  3. Look how blonde you were! So cute! Have fun in Cabo!

  4. LOVE Cabo! we honeymooned there too, and have been back once since! Have a blast! 
    Precious precious baby girl, I know, I miss that sweet innocent, EASY newborn stage=)

  5. Love this post! First of all, im such a Lenka fan! I saw her in concert in Nov and she was so fun! She was 7 months pregnant, has an adorable Australian accent and danced really good for being so far along- this is definitely one of my favorite songs : )

    Babyhood goes by all too fast! I find it hard to remember some things with our little girl who is 9 months. Each stage is so much fun, but I know what you mean by wishing you could remember more of the newborn stage.. 

  6. I love Lenka!! Her music is all so catchy.. and nowww I want chocolate covered strawberries. 


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