Monday, February 20, 2012

my monday mornin' thought.. via instagram

It is beyond me how people eat healthy on a daily basis. Seriously, I try tried for real for 3 whole weeks.. but it kills me & I swear the cravings for cookies & candies increase by about a million times! If you missed my healthy kick I tried/still trying to start.. you can read about that here. This week and last has been a bit of a struggle. My motivation is dying out.. since we will be at the beach in like two weeks and I see no results.

I know thats an absurd way to think.. but why cant belly fat disappear over night?
I know I worked hard for a good two years for you to get there, but I'd like to see you gone by week 4, mmhk? i'm lookin like an ethiopian over here..

I still try to exercise -my goal as of late is Run 1 mile.. walk another. Atleast 3-5 times a week.. I'm not sure if its because I'm running on a treadmill in our bedroom.. but that is one DREADED mile I have been running! I look at the time about every .5 seconds.. which i'm sure makes it seem all that much longer! But it SUCKS! and I can't seem to push myself to run any longer..

oh and did i mention my sister is in town...
making us eat at all these amazing food places & baking fresh homemade chocolate chip cookies?? ya I had five of those suckers tonight.. i am just proud of my self I managed to run 3 days last week.
That means 14 miles in the last 4 weeks.. my goal is to hit 20 by the end of February.
i have majorly slacked at doing my other exercises i started with that 30 day challenge
they were super good ones.. but then i pulled some random muscle in my stomach so i took a break off of it and never started back up like i was... see that's my laziness that comes out!
the most amazing hot & sour soup your mouth will ever set taste buds on..
bbq nachos..... yum!

It has been so nice having my sister in town! lame we don't live near each other anymore! Our girls have been hyper little things running around like crazy and having major giggle fest!

Well I hope yall had a good weekend!

If you have instagram you can find me on @lindseymarlor


  1. Hahaha its beyond me too, how people eat healthy 24/7. I've been on a diet since October losing some serious baby weight and it SUCKS!!! its extremely unfortunate that the good stuff isn't healthy.

  2. you and your sissy are so cute! and excuse me but how do you possibly have a belly? you're so skinny!!! i really doubt you look like an Ethiopian! haha

  3. Love all your instagram pics, thanks for sharing! :)

  4. well you oatmeal looks delightful at least!


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