Tuesday, February 21, 2012

Tuesdays Look {pastel skinnies}

I'm totally loving pastel/chalked hue skinnies right now! 
If I had a pair, you better believe I'd be wearing them today!



I'm posting this tonight, b/c I will be up early in the am tomorrow headed to a long awaited Dentist appointment... i have put it off wayyyyy to long! I'm dreading it!


  1. I too, am obsessed with colored skinnies, I love the pop of color!!

  2. loving this trend too! so cute. and boooo to the dentist. i really hate going there. 

  3. Those are SO cute! I'm pregnant otherwise I would SO wear those :)

  4. pregos could totally pull this off!! Go grab you a rubber band or pony tail and I'm sure you would look super cute!!


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