Tuesday, February 28, 2012

Tuesdays Look {whats in our closet - Spring Edition}

I really love doing lookbooks for Tuesdays Look 
but it is super time consuming in finding the perfect items for a look 
and I can't find everything I find in the stores online.. 
soo I am doing another little episode of What's in Our Closet... spring edition.

Floral Wedges: Love Culture

Pink Ruffle: Cotton Tails - L'AMOUR brand

White Bow: Target

Once again you have heard a lot about Elle Bowtique lately..
but seriously i'm one lucky girl to have my sister customize bows for me on a regular basis! I just have to tell her what I'm looking for and the colors I need and she whips up something amazing every time! Here are some of my favorite spring ones she has made for Lexi.

Hair Accessories: Elle Bowtique
Sun Hat: Baby Gap

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