Tuesday, February 14, 2012

Valentine's Fun Find

Stole My Heart by Little & Ashley on Grooveshark 

I have two fun finds for you today!!
  1. Plastic Stripe Straws
  2. TeaCupcakes 

Ok, as for straws... the paper straws are pretty and all but literally every time the paper straw hits my lips i get the heebie jeebies! I use straws often, like almost every time i have a drink out of a cup.. so I use them.. not just for photographing. SO, when I saw these plastic stripe straws from Hobby Lobby I had to have them! They come in a pack of like 12 or 14? and mine were mixed colors pink/lime green. You will just have to see what options you have when you get to Hob Lob.. also they were kinda tricky to find.. seriously you might not see them if you don't search the aisles up & down in the party area.

The teacupcakes are from Francescas... if you don't have one near by you can search their website in your area to see what locations carry their products.. I think they are pretty cute!!

We decided to have our official romantic dinner last night so the stress is off of me today! My sister and niece fly in today and I can't wait!! Happy Valentine's!!


  1. Britt @ The Magnolia PairSeptember 1, 2012 at 12:07 AM

    Great pictures! Looks so yummy!!

  2. Oh my gosh! Love those plastic straws! I'm gonna have to get me some of those! The paper ones kind of gross me out too : ) and I love franchescas! Such a great store.

  3. I have those cupcake tea cups! I got mine on Amazon. (Same brand). They had realy bad reviews for staining the cups though, so watch out! I haven't dared use mine yet because of it!

  4.  how fun! I read about that too on the box.. but they just recommended spraying it down with spray on the inside before you bake.. it still left a little tint on a couple of them on the inside.. but wasn't bad at all! Totally worth using them if you get the chance!


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