Friday, March 23, 2012

Friday's Film {Somebody that I Used to Know}

I heard this song quite a while ago and fell in love with its style.
last night my husband was looking through songs on youtube and came across it. 
I had never seen the video for it..
and it was semi humorous & semi intriguing!

if anything, you can say you got to see 10 hands play one instrument today :) Have fun this weekend!!


  1. soo soo glad i helped find it for you!! we still buy cds! :) my cd player doesnt currently work in my car right now... but my husband bought me dia framptons cd for christmas now i just need to get him to get my cd player fixed! :)

  2. ok they are amazing and super unique!!! i knew ellen should see them so i was uploading their link and when i was getting ready to submit it i noticed on the side bar they have already performed on ellen at the end of jan!!! haha i knew she would like them!

  3. oh, i think i love you!  thank you for posting this so i could find out the name of the band!  i've been hearing it on the radio off and on and never heard the name of the band so i could buy it!  i am downloading it from itunes right now!  do people still buy cds?  i think i'm going to put this on my shopping list!

  4. This song is orginally by Gotye ft Kimbra. And Australian guy and a New Zealand girl :D This version is an awesome cover but trust me, the original is amazing!

  5. sinead, thanks for posting Gotye!  that's the version they play on the radio around here (Western KY).  this was a great way to start hump day!

  6. thank you for posting this! I got kinda confused.. but never knew who it actually was on the radio.. they sound pretty similar! Just now hearing it on the radio here in Memphis 


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