Monday, March 19, 2012

{Monday's Recap} my best friends wedding.. festivities

The past month I have been pretty much just been planning along with the other bridesmaids for one of my best friends bridal shower... We had it this past Saturday and it turned out sooo fun! 
I'll post all the cute little details later this week!
my dress is from TJ Maxx the one i was talking about last week


  1. I love your dress! And shoes!! Looks like it was a gorgeous shower too! :)

  2. You looked beautiful! I'm in love with your dress and shoes! I just love finding things like that at TJ Maxx! They have so many goodies!

  3. that dress is so so cute!!

  4. New reader here, and I'm in love! I always forget about TJ Maxx, thanks for the reminder!

  5. so glad you found Pillow Thought!! I know I sometimes get too caught up in the home goods department of TJ Maxx but I was soo glad I shopped for clothes that day!


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