Monday, March 12, 2012

my {10} Mommy MUST haves

1. Puj Tub
This was my all time favorite from newborn-6 months. Made bathing a newborn so much easier, especially as a new mom!! Bath time is slippery and the last thing I wanted to do was bonk her head on a hard sink... the puj tub worked perfectly!

2. Baby Monitor
This is the best peace of mind a momma can have! Whether it's checking in on her or just watching her curious ways.. I absolutely have LOVED this thing!

3. Netflix Kids, on the Iphone & Ipad
Netflix Kids has been a major life saver especially while we are running errands and I need my daughter to stay content! Kids can figure out technology pretty quickly so it's perfect for any age!

4.The Sleep Lady's Good Night, Sleep Tight -book
The book that finally got my baby sleeping through the night, that a friend had recommended to me. After 8 months of struggling I finally relied on a book to tell me what to do and this was the one that worked!

5. Stickers
Stickers have been a consistent favorite for Lexi.

6. Dishwashing Gloves
We all know how much are hands end up in the sink during the bottle stages... these are a MUST!

7. First Impressions Pink Bear from Macys
We both love her soft little pink lovie!

8. Johnsons Baby Shampoo with Calming Lavendar
I love just sniffing her little head because it smells so good. I know, that sentence may sound weird to anyone who is not a mother. But seriously.. who doesn't smell their babies head? Might as well make it this scent! :)
9. Pillow Sleep Mist
Who doesn't want to smell sweet nothings as they fall asleep? This is safe to spray on your babies bedding and it's suppose to calm you to help you sleep easier. It's also good for mommy's pillow too :)

10. OXO Tot Sippy Cup and Eating Products
I LOVE the plastic top on the sippy cup, I had way to many silicone tops ruined from V8 juices and other colored drinks! In fact go check out all of OXO products.. they are super cute and all amazing!!

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