Monday, March 5, 2012

My 4-day Cabo weekend recap

It was nice to escape from the world.. and my laptop. 
Ty made sure we left that at home.. i'm kinda attached to that thing at the palms. 
Breakfast In Bed by Train on Grooveshark

It was a nice refresher to give the media world a break and resort back to one on one time with Ty, a good ole magazine, and conversation. I feel like with media online you can multi-task so fast its hard to break free from it because you are constantly finding good material to keep engaging in.

Our flight was long and amazing.. i enjoyed every bit of it just relaxing!! Not worrying with what lexis next move was going to be. 

SO my first and only request for the flight was a magazine! 


Anyways, I was still able to keep in touch with my mom & lexi through e-mail on my phone. It was nice to know what she was up to but I didn't dare try and skype or call..

i think -out of sight-out of mind- worked best for us on this trip.. 

she wasn't out of mind but i didn't get the lump in my stomach that i probably would have if i heard her voice calling for me on the phone or skype. My mom sent me 1-3 photos a day to recap me & tried sending over a couple of videos that never would download b/c of poor wifi.. the pics were good enough!

Todays its been nice playing catch up and I've been sorting through the pics from Cabo while lexis been down napping so I'm trying to squeeze this post in before she wakes up! So here's some pics from our trip, seems like it was some sort of dream - it was quick but such a needed trip for the both of us!

* Lovers Beach *


wish we could make this a bi-yearly thing! 


  1. Yay! Looks so fun! Can't wait to see many more of your pics :) Love the black suit.

  2. Oh and PS what weight did you need to lose? ha

  3. Oh that looks like an amazing getaway.  So happy that you and your hubby enjoyed the much needed break.  You look amazing in your swimsuits.  Love both of them!

  4. I'm so jealous! looks amazing and looks like your running and eating healthy goals are paying off. i don't see any weight on you that needs to be lost glad you and tyson had a little break. you deserve it!

  5. Your trip looked like a blast!! Where in Cabo did y'all stay if you don't mind me asking? 

  6. it was at the RIU Santa Fe

  7. swimsuit details please. :) {The black one,... so cute}

  8. Your black suit is soooo adorable! Where did you get it?? love the pix.

  9. Ummm...hello?!? You look AMAZING!!!!!! Sporting a bikini post baby is not an easy thing to pull off and you did it well. Glad you had a nice, relaxing vacation together. Spouse only trips are the best.


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