Thursday, March 29, 2012

{Thursday's Tip} Cake Pop Tutorial

We decided to make easter egg cake pops
They are messy but they were just as fun decorating as you would real Easter eggs!
Guaranteed, they taste better too :)
I would deffinitely put it on the Easter Tradition list!


your Cake Pop How-To.. it's pretty simple!


Basically all you need 
to make these yummy little things is:
Cake Mix Box (and all that entails with that)
Edible Easter Grass (optional)
Sprinkles (optional)
Food Coloring
Lollipop Sticks
Wax Paper
2-3 Bags of Candy Melts - DO NOT USE almond bark - it taste, um.. nasty! don't waste your sweet time
Cake Pop Drying Stand (optional but very nice to have a stand! you can also turn your strainer upside down to see if that works!)

Step 1
Bake your cake.

Step 2
Crumble your cake into crumbs into a bowl (don't include the hard crusty parts)
Add in Frosting and stir it all together.

Step 3
Shape your cake pops into whatever shape you would like.
(Refrigerate the mix if it is too soft to work with)

Step 4
Plug your cake pop. Dab the end of your stick into a little of the candy melt & then stick it into the cake pop. (this step is optional I have done it both ways and not sure how much more it helped. It does however help your stick stay put in your ball when you mix into the candy melt in step 5) Then freeze. (This step is HIGHLY important!!) If you do not have a frozen enough cake ball then it has a high chance of falling off your stick when you go to dip into your candy melts. Everytime I have made these, I do Steps 1-4 on Day 1 and decorate & dip on Day 2.

Step 5
Dip & Decorate! I like for my candy melts to be pretty full in my container for when I do the dipping (fuller than what was pictured). This step gets a little messy so be sure to save your good shaped cake balls for last so you can ruin the ugly ones first :)
Also, make sure the candy melt connects to the stick at the bottom to prevent the stick becoming un-attached. Little tip for getting the color you want - there is a Neon Coloring Dye - that works amazing to get the prettier colors.

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  1. Those look so cute and yummy!  I made cake pops for the nurses when I went to have the last baby to bribe them if I needed anything and it worked- they loved them!


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