Thursday, March 15, 2012

Thursday's Tip {make the most of your shower}

1. Brush your hair before you get in. It will reduce the tangles after you get out of the shower. Wet hair is most fragile and will lead to breakage if brushed while wet.

2. If you have a shower head that shoots out water on the slow side, throw it out! Your wasting your precious shower time!! Go buy a new one and you will be surprised how much faster washing your shampoo & conditioner takes.

3. Wash your hair before your face. Apparently, the suds from the shampoo & conditioner can leave a film on your face... so if you are wondering which part of the body to start with... Head-to-Toe!

4. Rinse and Repeat. Don't repeat your shampoo & conditioner.. once is good enough if you use the obvious amount. The product makers are just trying to get you to use more of their product and in turn buy more.

5. Grab some shave cream for shaving your legs. It is just as crucial as having a fresh razor. It will help you not forget any spots!

6. Make it a point to wash all of your dirty towels once or twice a week. Depending on how many you have, you could maybe get away with once a week. This is so you can almost always make sure there will be fresh towels to dry off with! Make it Towel Tuesdays or Thursdays.. to help remind you!

7. Apply moisturizer or your make up primer on your face before you start on your hair. That way it will set before you start on your make up. Wash your hands before you touch your hair though.

8. Clean up the counterspace while you blow-dry your hair. I don't know about you but I am a bit on the messy side! Our bathroom counter is almost always completely covered with our my crap. Take the time to clean up the counterspace while blow-drying and you will be a little less hesitant to messy it back up!

9. Store your razor outside of the shower. They last longer if you keep them out of moist areas. If you are afraid you will forget the razor when you are in the shower, put them in between towels so you will grab them both at the same time!

Hope you enjoyed my list, are their tips you have found useful?? Let me know I'd love to hear them!


  1. great tips Linds! I need to start having a Thursday towel day!! Being a hair stylist, I think that it is important to wash your hair as many times with shampoo as needed to get a good amount of suds. If the first time you wash you get lots of bubbles than their is no need to repeat. But if you don't (greasy or dirty hair), your hair isn't getting as clean as it could and therefore you should rinse and repeat. The second time around you will notice a much better lather and thus, cleaner hair! Never repeat the conditioner and only use a little. Another great tip- USE PROFESSIONAL PRODUCT. It makes a huge difference (the stuff you buy at walmart is coating your hair in product to make it feel sleek rather than really repairing the actual strand). 

  2. Nicole @ ThisLittleMommaSeptember 1, 2012 at 12:09 AM

    I am going to have to remember to try #7, good idea! I too am really good an leaving the bathroom counter messy! 

  3. Cute list and good tips! New to your blog, I love it. You are the cutest thing ever... I want to steal your family


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