Tuesday, March 13, 2012

Tuesday's Look {oh so kawaii}

kawaii is the Japanese word for "cute"
a new word i learned

Let me just tell you today i found a lot of good finds today at TJ Maxx.....
and splurged just a bit.
Purse, Dress, and shoes...

tangerine, cream, and gold 
have been the colors I have been shopping with lately.
[side note]: if you want to look at pretty color palettes to draw inspiration from that is the site to do it!! Wanna to figure out how to decorate a party, pick colors for a room in your house, nursery, bathroom, etc.... it is the GO-TO place. promise!

so that's the inspiration for this post!

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  1. Tangerine seems to be everywhere this spring! Such a fun color! And I just adore that bag!


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