Thursday, April 26, 2012

Confession: I am a Hoarder..

Photograph by Jamie Cullum on Grooveshark

Ok, ok.. i am not your average hoarder of crap
I hoard .jpg files.

my picture taking and keeping

is kinda ridiculous

What's a JPG? a JPG is a image file, incase you are wondering.

But Seriously, I have everything backed up on two external hard drives...
and i'm always getting the "your startup disk is full" alert on my laptop. on both of them.
not like this is our only computer but this is my baby and I love to work only on this one laptop.

and apparently I don't just have the problem on my laptop.. I recently have been getting the alert on my cell phone that is not even 3 months old. i know, outta control.

external hard drives could probably be a post all in itself
-on whether or not i think it is a safe bet for a back up. 
But, today I am going to share with you my method
for organizing pictures on your computer.

But, my problem lies with deleting pictures.. i could have 10 pictures of something with a slight change throughout and I would have a hard time pressing the delete button, or picking 1 out of the 10 that was "best"!

I have gotten better.
I try to organize files, so i became a folder freak.
If it dates back before 2010 it may take me a good 15-20 minutes to find a picture I'm looking for..

I have found a better method when I go to upload picture now days.
I have kinda been falling behind & my desktop is looking all crazy again!
so i need to get my bum in gear and get all my crazy picture taking organized for 2012
so i can get my system back up to par.

My picture taking has become so intense,
I have thrown out the idea of putting together our family yearly books
- it would take me YEARS to get it perfect and sorted through!

so for now i am waiting for a better solution on printing our blog book..
i'm sure they will come out with something better one day, so until then I'm just hoping blogger and photobucket keep their act together and store all my sweet little memories on the world wide web!

so enough of my blabbering, here is my system for organizing my picture files...

i have organized first by year:
2011 for example

then I move on to each month, listing them by numbers first for organizational purposes:
9/September 2011

then i try to keep either them in week or by the upload date:
sep 7-11 week

i also like to keep an extra folder of images I use specifically in blog post
ex: sep 11 blog post
even if they duplicate.
Because, I figured those are the ones I pull that are "better" than the other..
and will make it easier if i were to make a book in the long term...
sadly that system only started in 2011.

Want to see what my system looks like for 2010?
where it was a bit organized?

and back to 2006...
sadly all of these folders got automatically grouped into dates from iPhoto (which i no longer use)..
and their dates were not at all accurate, it would take me forever to figure out what goes where.
example: there is a 2008 Cancun Trip posted in the 2006 folder still..
that one will be easy to just drag into the 2008, but not all of them will be that easy.

if you are like me and need some organization on your computers...
just focus on 2012 if this seems all too complicated.
this system works for me and I wish I would have started it when we first got married!


  1. Whoaaaaa I thought my photo hoarding was out of control but I feel better now, so thanks for that! Good luck with your organising, I would definitely get bored and get over that quickly haha!

  2. Oh I see! Thank you! I've just heard that iPhoto wasn't the best to keep your pics (and that's what I do) so I just wanted to see what other options I had...thank you! :)

  3. What program do you use to keep all your pictures in??

  4. Ok, so when I go to upload from my camera..
    I will open it in my "finder" window (finder is only on a mac)..
    then I open the folder that has all images from camera and drag them to my "Preview" program.. and look through all my images...
    i NOW  drag the ones I want from the "preview program" into a separate folder on my desktop and label that specific folder to what it applies to.
    I try to do this upload weekly.. to keep from things getting too complicated.. but depending how often you are taking pictures you can cater it to that.

    come to find out.. doing things in iPhoto I was just getting TONS and TONS of duplicates everywhere and at the time it wasn't even keeping my dates accurate.

  5. oh and i keep all my files  just in folders on desktop.  like folder 2012- with sub folder- January, sub folder etc... layering them

  6. Okay. You've inspired me. How do I get them to not go to iphoto directly from my camera?! That's where they always land.


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