Monday, April 2, 2012

Monday's Recap {6 years & our weekend}

Saturday, me & ty celebrated our 6th year anniversary!

We actually headed out of town last minute to Nashville
for the weekend with my parents & their friends.
My parents were kind enough to watch Lexi while we headed out
for a nice little dinner on Saturday, just the two of us!
Date nights have become very nice!!
I think it is because it is getting more and more difficult to go out with Lexi,
she just won't sit still for the life of her! 


Ty picked the place and let's just say they really treated us well! They had us cozied up in a little booth and made us sit right close to each other in the middle with little star confetti's all over our table... on our menus they had "Happy 6th Anniversary" right on top and every new person we saw that worked there greeted us with Happy Anniversary! It was a nice little touch for the night! I had kinda fallen in love with my tuesday's look i made from a couple of weeks ago so when I found mint jeans shopping earlier that day that was the look I set out for! If you follow on instagram.. i appreciated the extra help on whether to do cuffs or no cuffs.. or if it looked like too much mint.. 
i ended up doing cuffs... but i kinda liked the no cuffs look too

we walked around downtown and just hung out before dinner..
reservations weren't until 8:30 for dinner so we got to enjoy some down time..
our reflection in the building before dinner


  1. The pink is exactly what I've been invisioning for my wedding this fall- how did you convince your hubby to wear a pink tie? I'm having a hard time but I loveeee it! Gorgeous bride :)

  2. umm hello i want to see more pics linds!!! 

  3. Oooooooo love the mint look!  Sounds like you had a great time!

  4. what restaurant did you go to? we live in nashville! your mint look is soooo chic!!

  5.  how fun that you live in nashville! We went to Morton's Steakhouse

  6. 6 years already! Dang girl! Happy anniversary to you and Tyson!

  7. New follower!!!  So excited I found your blog.  Happy Anniversary!  Such a cute post.  :)  My husband and I will be celebrating #6 this year, too!  :))  

    I'd love for you to come visit us.

  8.  how fun! Glad you found this little blog!!

  9. You are in great shape. What is your diet like and do you workout?


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